The Best Home Yoga Studio

A virtual sanctuary for people of all walks of life, a community built on the foundation of compassion, gratitude, kindness and collective consciousness in an effort to make the world a more peaceful and beautiful place to call home.

The Best Home Yoga Studio

A virtual sanctuary for people of all walks of life, a community built on the foundation of compassion, gratitude, kindness and collective consciousness in an effort to make the world a more peaceful and beautiful place to call home.

Live Streaming

Join us live with a schedule of over 25 classes per week taught by our team of certified and authentic yoga teachers


Choose from our extensive library of hundreds of classes, series, and courses to help keep you moving from home


Connect, practice, and feel part of a community with our teachers and fellow members from round the world

Our Classes

Live streaming has never been easier to access or more fun on our platform. There are no registrations, no emails, no links, no passwords, no apps, or any additional processes required to live stream with us. Simply login, and press play

Vinyasa & Power Flow

  • Vinyasa Flow
    Vinyasa Flow Open Level

    Vinyasa Flow is the most popular form of modern yoga, often viewed as a powerful form of exercise that allows one to work up a sweat while diving deep into the principles of breath and movement.

  • Rise & Flow
    Rise & Flow Open Level

    Begin your day with a brisk vinyasa flow, beginning with a few relaxing postures and sun salutations, then transitioning into a series of modifiable flow sequences with optional vinyasa transitions.

  • High Voltage Flow
    High Voltage Flow Advanced

    A high energy Vinyasa Flow class designed to boost your mood and meet you where you are. This class begins by setting an intention that will reveal our challenging yet accessible flow to bring balance to our our minds, bodies, and spirits.

  • Power Flow
    Power Flow Intermediate

    An invigorating, energetic class that will encourage you to explore the full potential of traditional yoga postures while moving fluidly from one pose to the next in synchronized connection to your breath.

  • Yogi Core Flow
    Yogi Core Flow Intermediate

    Unwind from the day by firing up your core. In this 30-minute class, we'll focus on core-strength poses through a quick but effective power flow to tone your body and relieve your mind in this invigorating class.

  • Flexibility & Core Flow
    Flexibility & Core Flow Advanced

    This Vinyasa Flow class focuses on our cores to root inwards and expand outwards. The class begins with some light stretches aimed at improving our flexibility before moving into a Vinyasa series designed to boost abdominal strength and personal balance.

Gentle Yoga & Slow Flow

  • Gentle Flow
    Gentle Flow Open Level

    Slower classes that focus on a range of physical therapy from relieving lower back pain, arthritis, improving bone structure and density, hip and shoulder mobility, and more.

  • Flow to Restore
    Flow to Restore Open Level

    A delicious balance of strengthening and restoring, this class will begin with a solid Vinyasa Flow, followed by a deep, fulfilling rest.

  • Chakra Flow
    Chakra Flow Open Level

    A slow but intentional flow designed to ignite and align the chakras. Philosophy interspersed with asana for a mental and physical practice.

  • Slow Flow
    Slow Flow Open Level

    Gentle classes created to target back pain using blocks and straps for support, paired with mindful breathing will be used to help attune to the body’s unique sensations and changes.

  • Yoga Basics
    Yoga Basics Open Level

    In this class fundamental postures and movements will be broken down and explored at a slightly slower pace to enhance your understanding of posture alignment.

  • Energetics Open Flow
    Energetics Open Flow Open Level

    This class opens with intention to an enliving flow from letting go to grounding to opening the heart, before closing with a conscious cool down.

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Dance

  • Kundalini Yoga
    Kundalini Yoga Open Level

    In this 30 minute class you will be guided as we warm up the body to sit in meditation and complete a Kundalini meditation through joined consciousness and elevation.

  • Pilates HIIT-Fusion
    Pilates HIIT-Fusion Intermediate

    In these classes we will be working through a fusion of pilates, barre, HIIT and yoga that will sculpt and tone your body using our breath to reconnect and find strength from within and further carry that with us out into our lives.

  • Breathing & Meditation
    Breathing & Meditation Open Level

    We begin this class with controlled breathing techniques designed to reduce stress and anxiety, then transition into a mindfulness meditation to explore what’s surfacing within.

  • Dance Release
    Dance Release Open Level

    Move. Dance. Sweat. This dynamic dance-movement practice is designed to give you the release you need, beginning with a gentle warm-up integration before gradually deepening our experience through music, movement, and sound.

Live Schedule

all live classes are recorded for on-demand viewing

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Our Teachers