Our Curriculum

We cover all of the essential subjects from asana, pranayama and meditation, to anatomy and physiology, history, philosophy, sequencing, ethics, all in conjunction with the chakra system as you learn to navigate each day and each class from your newfound sense of Self.

"Spring is an incredible teacher, both in terms of the asana practice itself but also her ability to create real and easy to implement integration with the power of yoga off the mat."

Module 1

ethics & consent

The first week is always about getting up to speed, understanding the requirements for the course, and settling in for a beautiful journey. We will explore various asanas and pranayama exercises to open the group energy together with an understanding for basic anatomical terms, the muscular system, ethics, and consent.

Module 2

Warmup Exercises
Cooldown exercises
history of yoga

The essentials of any practice, we start by understanding the incredible history of yoga and how to properly warmup and cooldown the body together with observing the skeletal system and its major joints, all before settling into the most challenging but rewarding posture of all, Savasana.

Modules 3-9

The Chakra System
anatomy & Physiology


Our root base energy, associated with grounding, security, sexuality, and survival. Here we will dive into standing and rooted postures, the nervous and digestive system, and ethics behind being a yoga teacher in the modern world.


The solar plexus, associated with our higher Selves, perfection, and energy. Build heat through this module as we focus on our cores and twisting postures, the respiratory system, and putting skill into action.


The throat, governing our communication, creativity, and self-healing through the respiratory and endocrine systems as we investigate through the the subtlety of the breath, Pranayama, and forward bends.


The sacral chakra, innate to our emotional and physical boundaries, intimacy, addiction, and trust. An essential energy to understanding hip opening and seated postures, the endocrine and cardiovascular system, and how to sequence your classes.


The heart, full of love, compassion, empathy, hope, and balance, guides us through our understanding for backbending postures, while staying rooted and grounded through the anatomy of our feet and ankles.


The third eye, providing clairvoyance, intuition, and past and present associated coupled with balancing and arm balancing postures with a deepened understanding of the knee and hip joints, hands, wrists, and elbows.


The crown, offering consciousness, understanding, and enlightenment through the nervous system inversion postures, and exploring the basics of the ancient Sanskrit language. ​


The crown, offering consciousness, understanding, and enlightenment through the nervous system and inversion postures, while exploring the basics of the ancient written Sanskrit language.

Module 10

Subtle body

With thorough understanding of asana, pranayama, and the chakra system we are now ready to explore the subtle body and meditation. Here we’ll investigate several movement practices and pranayamas to help guide our minds into meditation, which becomes the final state of mind that only the practitioner can explore.

Module 11


Together with your classmates we will learn, create, play, and explore the art of sequencing, cuing, naming postures in Sanskrit, and leading a group class, where we believe the real journey of being a yoga teacher begins.

Module 12

career as a yoga teacher

Through your final week you will be evaluated on your sequencing and teaching knowledge, being guided through any areas or subjects that still need development, whilst gaining a deeper understanding for the business behind the yoga industry and how to build your career as a unique yoga teacher.

We just need some personal information from you and you’re on your way to becoming a certified yoga teacher!