Medicine for the Soul Yogi Membership

Discounted First Month - $69 // Monthly Membership Rate - $99

Terms and Conditions

The Medicine for the Soul Yogi Membership is a membership of Medicine for the Soul Yoga. The Membership is designed to offer benefits to customers of Medicine for the Soul Yoga who commit to a monthly autopay membership. By taking advantage of Membership benefits, a participant agrees to the terms and conditions for the Membership which are set forth below. We may change these Membership terms and conditions; change, add, or eliminate Membership benefits, or participating locations; or change or end the Membership or any feature of the Membership; in whole or in part, at any time, and without notice or compensation, even though such actions may affect rewards or benefits in the Membership or your participation in the Membership.

Eligible Participants; Enrollment; Continuing Eligibility

Eligible participants in the Membership are individuals who enroll for a monthly autopay Membership using a valid debit or credit card. As part of enrollment, all required membership documents, agreements and waivers must also be completed and submitted, including any Membership forms. To continue to be eligible in the Membership, the participant’s membership and membership account must remain in good standing with Medicine for the Soul Yoga at all times, including, without limitation, by not terminating or changing the participant’s membership, or allowing the participant’s membership to be terminated or lapse, and by maintaining payment by autopay for participant’s monthly membership fees. Once Membership eligibility ceases, a member may not take advantage of Membership benefits.

Benefits of the Membership

As of the date of these Membership Benefits, the standard benefits of the Membership are as follows:

1. Discounted First Month. Initial eligible Membership members (i.e., members who have never had a Membership, or other discounted Membership) will receive a discounted first month of Membership, at the discount rate provided in the member’s enrollment materials. A first month discounted membership will not be available to a member again, including for membership lapses, cancellations and subsequent renewals, or other reasons. The Membership fee for eligible members is a discounted monthly fee (discount and fee as provided in the member’s enrollment materials). There is no activation fee and no minimum commitment. Prices are subject to applicable taxes, assessments and, as described below, surcharges. Membership is nontransferable.

Pricing Schedule:

Discounted First Month - $69; Monthly Membership Rate - $99

1. Freezes and Cancellations. A member may for up to (but not more than) three (3) months in a calendar year (which may be separate or consecutive months) freeze the member’s Membership benefits; in such event the member will not pay the Membership fee for such month(s), during which month(s) the member will not receive Membership or Membership Benefits, but will maintain the member’s Membership or other discounted Membership, as applicable, member rate. The member’s Membership and Membership Benefits will reinstate once the freeze is over and the member’s. If a member does not comply with the freeze, or if a member cancels the member’s membership (whether by affirmative cancellation, nonpayment or otherwise), or if a member’s membership is terminated by Medicine for the Soul Yoga for any reason, the member will forfeit Membership enrollment and benefits, and may later reapply for Membership at then current Membership rates, subject to any applicable terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions. Freezes and cancellations are based on a member’s billing cycle; Medicine for the Soul Yoga does not prorate months of membership.

2. Unlimited Yoga; Surcharges. Unlimited participation in open yoga classes.

3. Discounted Programs. A fifteen percent (15%) discount on all Workshops, Events, Courses, and other Wellness programs.

4. Special Offers. Special classes and offers that may be offered from time to time by Medicine for the Soul Yoga.