Meditations From the Mat

Meditations From the Mat

The New Normal

Streaming Yoga and What You Need to Know

While many things have changed, finding more time for yourself might not be the worst change we’ve seen during the quarantine. I’m working out more now during quarantine than I ever did pre-COVID. I’m not having to rush to a gym on lunch, or having to decide to get up early to go before work, or having to figure out when exactly I’ll be home after work. Now I’m working out from the comfort of my bedroom since that’s the only place I have enough room to lay out my mat. I know I’m not alone.

Working and working out from home has been nice. I am excited to have a dedicated safe space to improve myself. I am excited to be able to work out at my own pace. I am finding I’m working out more than I used to when I had to go to a gym. It has helped me build an ergonomically friendly home office as well.

Maybe it’s because I just turned 30, maybe it was because I decided this was going to be my decade, maybe it’s because of quarantine but I’m really happy with the person I’ve become while having the time to find myself. I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

If you are new to taking Yoga classes online you are not alone there either. There is a new freedom that comes with being able to do so much from home. I now have a dedicated workout space, I can hop onto a Medicine for the Soul Yoga class and in a matter of 30-60 minutes, I can feel like a completely different person! The amount of options they provide fits my life, no matter what my schedule might be that day and no matter what goal I’m trying to reach.

Yoga Options

Are you looking for a morning routine to boost your blood flow for the day? Are you a lunch ‘n learn yogi? Afterwork do you need to push yourself hard to forget the day? Or are you more into taking a relaxing yin class to stretch out your sore muscles after a long hard day? I personally enjoy knocking my exercise out early in the day. Get that blood pumping!

While your options before were limited, now virtually from home the options are endless. You can also test out multiple types of classes to find out what you like best. You can even find out who might become your next favorite teacher!

Home Prop Alternatives

In speaking with one of the teachers for Medicine for the Soul Yoga, Alison Ederer, we got a list of great at-home items to use as props. Alison teaches sculpt and barre classes for Medicine for the Soul Yoga and you can find her profile here.

Do you not have props at home? You are in luck because most classes don’t need props! But in case you do; you don’t need to run out to the sporting goods store. Many things around your house can be used as a prop.

Bolster: A couch cushion or large pillow.

Weights: Cans of soup or vegetables. Laundry detergent. (The ones with the handles.) Bags of rice. Even pasta sauce! Just make sure they are the same weight and easy to hold!

Blocks: Shoe boxes, amazon boxes, boxes! Stacks of books, or large books if they are available. Upside down small trash cans are even an option.

Strap: Belts. Scarves. Leggings. Please note that something like a belt will not replace something along the lines of a resistance band.

Mat care: Have a towel nearby. Many fusion, barre, or sculpt classes might have you sweating. The towel will help from slipping while using the mat.

Fans: My personal tip if you have a moveable fan in the house point it at your workout space to keep cool in the summertime!

Finding Your Perfect Workout Space

Spending most of our days at home it’s a good idea to find your perfect workout space too. Every house and situation is different so be creative in finding that perfect space for yourself. Here are some tips for trying to find the perfect workout space at home.

Space: You need to make sure you are able to do the moves in the class without running into any objects. Set out your mat and spread your arms in multiple directions to make sure you have room.

(Is your house not this clutter-free? Me neither.)

Quiet: This may not be possible but try and eliminate distractions. Close a door. Warn others of your upcoming practice. Shut the windows to outside noise.

Your device: You’ll want to make sure whatever device you use can be heard and seen easily throughout the class. If your speakers are too quiet you might want to use wireless headphones linked to your device, or external speakers.

I personally always use my laptop, but a phone or tablet are both good options. I like the laptop because of the large screen to help follow along with the teacher, and I work on computers all day so it’s just most comfortable for myself.

The great thing about Medicine for the Soul Yoga is that you have no need to be self-conscious. Remember just like in a live class everyone is busy doing their own practice. The addition of a video feed, if you feel like having it on, which I recommend, isn’t something to worry about.

Find Your Perfect Workout

Streaming and subscription yoga is the way of the future. Take this time to find time for yourself. Take this time to enjoy the little things in life. Enjoy that class right when you get up, or right before bed. No drive time required. Medicine for the Soul Yoga will be there for you. With live classes or on-demand fit for your schedule.

I hope to see you on this journey!

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