Meditations From the Mat

Meditations From the Mat

How to Critique Your Yoga Practice

How to Critique Your Yoga Practice

By Anonymous Author

Critiquing your yoga practice is essential on the path towards mastery, and while is a lot more than just being vain – it’s also a great way to document your journey. After all, Yoga Baron shows that there are multiple levels in yoga, and there are many different poses under each one. Taking photos of yourself is a way to check your form and track your progress visually, which can help motivate you more. If you want to take it to the next level you can even post your photos and videos online for others to learn from. That being said, here are some tips to help you get those perfect yoga photos.

Pick a Good Location

Normally, an open park would make a nice location because you have lots of space and natural light. However, to keep things safe during the pandemic, shooting in your own place is the best option. Natural light should also be your first option for lighting, especially during the golden hour, since artificial lighting can cause weird shadows that could be a hassle to fix in editing.

Use the Proper Gear

To take good photographs you are going to need cameras that can be controlled remotely and have timer settings. While many smartphones have these options, the picture quality can vary if not in the right position. If you are posting these images online you want high performance cameras that make taking, editing, and sharing photos easy. The cameras on Adorama show how models from top brands come with a wide range of features for those taking photos of themselves. The Sony a6100 not only has a viewfinder that can be faced forward, it also has a real-time tracking autofocus for taking photos of moving objects, such as yourself doing yoga. Another option is the Canon T6i which has built-in WiFi allowing you to upload on the go (perfect for when you are outside).

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

For every great photo there will be dozens of bad photos, so don’t be afraid to get creative and experimental. A headshot and silhouette shot are two of the most common kinds of photos, but you can also try out different angles with different poses. If it’s safer to go outside, you can take photos in various locations, such as a beach — and again also play around with the lighting and angles. You can also add a filter for an easy edit and additional filter. Apps like Instasize give you control over your filters — you choose a filter then slide a bar to determine how heavy you want to apply it. The important thing is you’re having fun while taking the photos.

Use Editing to Enhance Your Photo

The perfect photo isn’t always produced by simply taking the right shot – sometimes, it’s found in post production. Yoga is a show of flexibility, strength, and grace, so play around with highlights to accentuate the lines of your body while you execute a pose. There are many photo editing tools out there, but not everything can be easy to learn. Tools like Canva and Fotor may be easier to handle, but software like Adobe Photoshop have the variety of options to help you with the finer edits.

It’s never too late to document your yoga journey. If you’re a beginner yogi, or a yogi who has been used to doing yoga in a studio, a previous article on Medicine for the Soul shows how you can start doing yoga at home as well.

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