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How Do I Start Doing Yoga at Home?

How Do I Start Doing Yoga at Home?

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No matter whether you are a complete beginner when it comes to yoga or a practised gym-based attendee, you can set up and enjoy a home-based yoga station so that you can enjoy the benefits of this timeless and versatile exercise and meditation system at any time.

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Pick a Time

Making a space in your daily routine for your yoga is a must. It is always a mistake to assume that you will remember to squeeze in a quick workout unless you deliberately set aside some time for it. First thing in the morning is a good idea – you can go to bed a little earlier than usual to make up for waking a little earlier, or perhaps you can shorten your other morning activities – a quicker breakfast, perhaps, or saving that second coffee for when you begin work for the day. If you can do your yoga first thing in the morning, it will set you up for the day, getting your digestive system off to a good start, boosting your immune system and leaving you energised and ready for the day ahead.

Make Space

Yoga can be performed in fairly narrow spaces, but you do need to make sure that you can: lie down flat, swing your arms in a full horizontal circle, and windmill your arms fully. Clear as much space as you can, by pushing furniture against the walls, and aim to have a largish completely cleared space in which to work. Usually a bedroom or living room work well for your workout.

Equip Yourself

You will need to purchase some equipment, but the beauty of yoga is that it is a very minimalist pastime. You can buy a sturdy exercise ball, cushions and blocks, the latest in branded yoga clothing, and carefully graduated resistance bands, or you can dress in your existing comfy clothes – the only stipulation is that you must be able to move freely in them – and use folded towels and blankets as supports for the more strenuous exercises. It is recommended that you purchase the best yoga mat you can afford – this will get a lot of wear and tear during your daily session!

Assess Your Abilities

The beginner yoga exercises might look too easy, but leaping into advanced yoga without that basic core of balance and fitness can be a mistake that results in injury and loss of interest in pursuing yoga any further! If possible, start with easy beginner classes as these will teach you how to stand, how to move from one pose to the next, and how to breathe properly while doing the movements. Without these basics, you will not get the maximum benefit from your yoga sessions. Once you are comfortable and confident with these, you can step up to more advanced lessons and begin to feel a bit more extended by the activity. Taking it slowly is also recommended as you will be at home during the class, and should you get into trouble, might not be able to call for help straight away.

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Finally, choose between attending a live online yoga session or choosing one of the many yoga, fitness, and meditation videos on our platform that cover a huge range of classes, from absolute novice to expert. Whichever class you choose, try to always end with about two to five minutes of savasana – also called the corpse pose! – which will have you lying, fully relaxed, on your back for a few moments. This finishes off both the physical cooldown and the meditative aspect of your yoga session, so you are fresh and renewed, ready for a quick shower before beginning your day.

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