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Autumn Equinox Vision Quest - Harnessing Change & Finding Balance with Amanda Vazquez 

Sunday, September 22nd 5:30pm-7:30pm

This intentional and dynamic healing session will allow participants to hone in on finding clarity and balance during this upcoming season of change through a guided meditation  (vision quest) and transformational energy work. 

The Autumn Equinox is a time for reaping all that’s been put forth by your efforts and finding balance as the days and nights are equal in length. 

Participants are encouraged to bring a pen and a journal.




Celebrate Fall Equinox with Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong Bath with Daniela Mattos-Turcinov

Monday, September 23rd 7:30pm-8:45pm

With each change of season we have to change as well. We change how we sleep, eat, and feel. In Fall Equinox we have day and night in complete balance, and it is a time for harvest and celebration of all we have accomplished so far. It is also a time to start preparing for the winter season, where day light will become shorter and nights will become longer.

Day light represents the part of ourselves that we are aware, our awareness. Nights represents our shadows, or parts of ourselves which are in our subconscious mind.

Kundalini Yoga – also known as Yoga of Awareness- has the tools you need to adjust and set intentions for this new season. We will do some asanas, movements, mantras, breathing exercises, meditate and relax with the sound of the Universe (Gong).

Join Daniela Mattos-Turcinov for a Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong Bath Class to Celebrate Fall Equinox and get ready to set the ground to reflect and focus what parts of ourselves we want to do deep work in the upcoming months.

No experience needed. All levels welcome.

Included for Members or $25



Hansa Flow with Liana Yew

Wednesday, october 16th 5:15pm-6:30pm

Travelling all the way from Auckland, New Zealand, Liana Yew will teaching a movement practice, Hansa Flow, created in by Vincent Boletta that explores functionality, integration and balance through its developed understanding of human movement and natural biomechanics. It is designed to bring a sense of embodiment and ease.

Liana will guide through a Set series of movement sequences, allowing time for you, the practitioner, to find your own rhythm, coordination, and with time, a 'Flow' state. Its approach allows for a range of diverse levels from beginner to advance as it has an adaptive quality which is playful and fun.

For several years Liana worked using the Alexandra technique with Debra McCulloch which involved a lot of hands-on work with the body. She also spent time in New York studying Klein Technique - bone dance body technique which is about efficiency and integration. Both of these have influenced her approach to yoga and her knowledge of the body.

In addition, Liana has also been freelancing for 18 years as a contemporary dancer and believes that yoga has played an integral part in her dance training.

Liana likes her teaching to be playful and to remind her students that yoga can be fun. That we can laugh and just be our true selves....Her classes often include the use of the studio walls; she likes to use the wall as a reference to really help give us a sense of space.

Liana is continuing her training with Vincent Bolletta as well as learning from her fellow peers and Tima; her two-year old son who has a shining personality ... just like his mum. :)

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Inversion Excursion with Dan O’Brien

Saturday, October 26th 2pm-4pm

Believe it or nor, this worksop is for All-Levels, and is great for experienced yogi’s and for those who haven’t done a single inversion. The workshop really is a build up to get mentally prepared to invert themselves - that's more of an emotional and mental journey than a physical one. Getting there is part of the journey and is an important part of building your practice!

Join Dan O'Brien in this two-hour workshop as he breaks down and shows you how to work though different inversions, such as Shoulderstand, Tri-pod Headstand, Fallen Angel, Crow, Side Crow, and their variations in this exciting, invigorating workshop.

Level - Beginner to Advanced


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Ayurveda 101 & How to Transition for Fall/Winter/Vata Season

November 2nd 2pm-4pm

Join teacher Melody Schröeer as she leads you the ancient teaching of Ayurveda; the 5,000 year old sister science of yoga, translated to the science or knowledge of life. This ancient Indian healing practice is one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems. When we practice this ancient science we realign our body back with nature and its rhythms. This deep wisdom is designed to help you stay vibrant and healthy while realizing your full human potential. Fall and Winter brings many changes and Ayurveda helps us to transition gracefully .We will cover the Ayurvedic constitutions (doshas) and ways to stay balanced. The more we are able to understand ourselves and our environment, we can move through life in a natural and easeful way.