Will you be joining us for these fun and transformational events?


Join Kundalini Instructor Daniela Mattos-Turcinov for a special class to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Students will work on cleansing past traumas and expanding the Heart Center through self-care and self-love.

Daniela states that before we love others, we need to love ourselves first, just the way we are.


Take time out of your busy schedule to restore the mind, body and spirit with a restorative yoga class accompanied by live acoustic guitar and wine/dark chocolate (served after). 

This class holds 4-6 different supported postures for 8-15 minutes per posture. 

There is no aerobic movement in this class.  

You can register for these events by calling, emailing, or utilizing the mind body app/online store.

Please bring your own bottle for/of water as we have filtered water but do not provide cups in effort to help cut down on waste.