Medicine For The Soul Book Club


We’re putting the OM into cOMmunity with the Medicine For The Soul Yoga Book Club!

Once a month, we’ll announce a book which will truly inspire “medicine for the soul”, with themes ranging from yoga to mindfulness to happiness to living your largest life. Then we’ll meet at the studio to discuss the yoga book, and take a deeper dive into how these things can be applied to our own lives.

If you are a member of Medicine For The Soul Yoga, membership to the monthly Yoga Bookclub NYC is free! If not, drop-in or class package prices apply, and reservations can be made through the link below. Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks!

next Yoga book club NYC meeting: sunday, October 27th, 7:00pm-8:30pm

Regular pricing applies

Next month’s book (October) will be “Yoga Mind”, and the book discussion will be led by long time teacher at the studio, Jess Pekmezovic. Here’s a little about the book:

“We live in an increasingly stressful world, and we know about the hazardous effects stress can have on our health. But meditating and mindfulness can sometimes seem elusive, unattainable, and impossible to fit into our busy days. Even the word “yoga” usually makes many people think of complicated, twisty poses—but that’s not everything. In its complete sense, yoga is a collection of life lessons for wellness and well-being and a spiritual technology from ancient times that is now more relevant, and necessary, than ever.

In Yoga Mind, Suzan Colon shares thirty essential components to increase self- awareness and inner balance to use throughout your day—in traffic, on the train, at your job, and home. She outlines how we can use yoga to cultivate resilience in challenging times, reduce stress, and enrich our relationships with family, work, and ourselves.

This guide contains a 30-day program designed to create subtle yet powerful shifts in awareness and attitude that lead to real, lasting change. Whether you’re a hardcore yogi or a beginner to the practice, Yoga Mind can help you unite your body, mind, and heart to become your best self and cultivate lasting happiness in your life.”