Beginner / Gentle / Meditation Classes

Starter Flow

Starter Flow is a gentle introduction to vinyasa yoga. In this class, fundamental poses will be explored and broken down to the basics to help develop and enhance one's understanding of proper alignment and breath awareness  through a comfortable, mindful flow.

Gentle Flow

Gentle flow is a breath-centered practice designed to gently opening up the body while focusing on strength and flexibility. This class is led at a comfortable pace, ideal for beginners or practitioners who already have an active practice looking for a gentler class.

Morning Movement & Meditation

Morning Meditation offers you the opportunity to begin your day with a light asana practice followed by pranayama (breathing) exercises and ending with a still meditation. This time will be used to explore the connection of body, mind, and breath in order to approach the day with calm intention and awareness.

Move, Breathe, & Meditate

This class will give you the chance to experience the true benefits of the yoga system. We will begin by practicing various Asanas (postures) to allow energy to circulate throughout the body, before moving into a conscious exploration of the breath, coming into stillness with a guided meditation. This class gives you the chance to recharge, relax and offers you to feel at ease in your body.

Gentle Kundalini & Meditation

One of the main goals of Kundalini Yoga is to strengthen the nervous system. Each class uses postures, mantras and chanting (sound), pranayama (breath work), meditation and deep relaxation to help you relieve tension and increase energy in your body, calm your mind, and nourish your soul.

Restore & Reset

This Restorative Class calms the body and soothes the mind through supportive postures that are held for extended periods of time. In this class, you can expect to leave feeling rejuvenated and rested. This class is the perfect way to end your day.